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I really wanted to start this week off with a blog post, but was drawing a blank on a topic.  My brain is still on standby following an exhausting weekend.  As much as I hate to admit it, I didn’t do anything related to my writing.  My weekend consisted of football, Jeeps and more football.  Oh wait……did I mention football?  Yes, even more football.  Anyway, I mentioned to a friend that maybe I should blog about recent news events.  However, he wisely suggested that it might not be a good idea.  He’s right though.  I can be very passionate about certain topics and the last thing I need to do is upset or irritate any of my readers (yes, I finally have some!).  He also gave me the idea for my blog post today!  Thanks buddy!

So, he recently heard about a writing exercise, which sounds incredibly helpful and actually really fun.  Maybe you’ve already heard of it, maybe not.  Either way, it goes something like this.  One person writes two sentences….about anything really.  Then the second person writes one sentence.  The first person follows with another sentence….and so on and so forth.  This creates a “story,” that literally can shift directions at the drop of a hat.  This continues until one person says, “the end,” which can be at any time.  The last person then gets to write one last sentence.  The writing of the sentences is timed as well, so you really don’t have time to think (or overthink) what you’re going to say next.  It’s supposed to help people overcome writer’s block.  I think it sounds pretty brilliant myself.  I keep being told that I just need to start writing and stop thinking.  This sounds like the perfect way to try that out.

I would be thrilled if this exercise not only helped me, but maybe some other aspiring writer too.  So, I’d like to throw out an invitation.  If any of you are interested in trying this out with me, I’d be stoked!  Shoot me an e-mail if you want!  It’s 7thtimesacharm@gmail.com  Let’s do this!!

15 thoughts on “Writing Exercise

  1. A neat exercise, might have to try it one time. Something I find that helps when I get stuck on big projects is to write a short story about something totally different. Or write a six word story or even a poem, just something to break through the wall.

    On another note, don’t be afraid to share your opinion on matters in the news, you might offend some people but you might find other readers that way. Never post something you wrote in anger but a well thought out opinion piece is nothing to be avoided and can spur conversation.

    My submission: She fell into the lake, the cold stabbed her, stole her breath. It was a beautiful pain. (continue in comments if you want).

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  2. Sounds like a brilliant idea! I too wish to sorta just push in writing everyday through my days, this would do great… I an in!

    More than an aspiring writer I wish to be a patron of the arts n writer about the artist community, dancers, musicians, writers etc, this first blog post is my start… please have a look n give me the needful critiquing I’d need…


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  4. I think this is a great idea. Will you be doing a post with the actual story you come up with as a collective? I would really like to read it when you’ve finished.

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