I figured I’d grace you with another blog about me.  Not aspiring writer me.  Just plain ol’ me.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but I’m a HUGE Walking Dead fan.  So as you can imagine, I was tragically devastated about a month ago as Glenn fell from a garbage dumpster to his “death.”  It wasn’t quite as bad as when Hershel died.  I almost completely quit watching the show after that gut-wrenching scene (after I finished balling my eyes out).  It was pretty close though.  I spewed some four-letter words like they were the only words left in the dictionary.  But alas, social media gave me hope…..was Glenn really alive?  There were shiny, shimmery glimmers of hope at every corner.  “He wasn’t in the “In Memoriam” section.”  “He wasn’t on The Talking Dead.”  “There was a hole under the dumpster…that’s how he got away.”  I never lost hope.  So after waiting ONE LONG ASS MONTH, we FINALLY got our answer in last night’s episode.  Hallelujah!  Glenn is alive!


Now, we can all sleep soundly at night.  I know I can.  I have heard some terrible things about upcoming episodes…especially once Negan arrives….but for now I will savor in the current bliss I am feeling.  I’ll just take this one episode at a time.

On another note, I also saw The Peanuts Movie this weekend.  I thought it was very cute and funny and was a wonderful throwback to easier times.  I’m very happy that they were able to keep it very true to form and didn’t feel the need to litter it with a bunch of current pop culture trends.  I’m not sure I could’ve handled a twerking Charlie Brown.

Hopefully you all had a wonderful weekend!  Did any of you catch any great movies?

4 thoughts on “FINALLY!

  1. I am glad that someone’s writing has made such a great impact on you. While I am not a fan of The Walking Dead, I have watched other shows that have affected me. Generally, it is the dialogue that captures me rather than plot like your example. The way it affects me (after the burst of jealousy of someone’s talent….I am looking at you Aaron Sorkin) is to make me want to write. Hopefully your devotion to your show will have a similar motivational impact on you. You never know if your writing will have an impact on others unless you actually do write. With the holidays coming up, there is plenty of opportunity to find excuses to procrastinate until the holidays end. Don’t fall into that trap. Write something tonight. Write something every day. Get feedback. Work at it. Make someone else cry, or scream, or curse out loud because your story, your characters, you have impacted them so deeply.

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    • Oh, how wonderful that would be! It sounds twisted, but I’d love to make someone cry and scream curse words at me! It’d be great to have that big of an impact by writing. And yes, I will not let the holidays deter me.


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