Resolution Time Already?

Can you believe the new year is right around the corner?  Where did the last 12 months go?  No, seriously…where did they go?  I feel like I was trying to figure out my 2015 New Year’s resolutions just a few weeks ago.  Anyway, here we go again!  Time to start thinking of what changes I would like to make in 2016.  I’ve decided to make writing a key resolution for the New Year.  Specifically though, I’m not sure what to do.  Of course I’m doing the good ol’ classics too….you know….lose weight, eat healthy, exercise, be more organized, try not to complain as much….blah, blah, blah.

So this writing one….I feel like I need to be really specific to have the best chance at success.  I was thinking of these:

  1. Write at least one blog post every week.
  2. Write a short story once a week.
  3. Read five new books a month.
  4. Turn off my inner critic.  (this one is going to be HARD)

It’s not much, but it’s a start.  Do any of you have any writing resolutions that have worked for you?  I’m always open for suggestions.

15 thoughts on “Resolution Time Already?

  1. Those are serious. I’ll share my writing resolutions for this new year (if they work or not I don’t know haha) 1.) finish the first book in my new series 2.) read more (5 books a month, I might steal that from you) 3.) Spend less time distracting myself and more time actually working.

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  2. Five new books a month? You may want to pare that down a bunch if you no not want to break that resolution. All the other objectives are achievable. I would add another for you…Finish what you start even if you decide along the way that you no longer like what you are writing. You will learn so much just by getting to the finish line and trying to make the story work. Once you finish, you could edit the finish product or start a second version of it. But finish what you start. You may surprise yourself and like what you wrote once you do. Good luck with your resolutions. Keep us up to date. I look forward to reading more from you.

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    • I don’t know. I think I can handle 5 books a month. Once I get started on one, I get through it pretty quickly because I can’t put it down. It’s just a matter of finding the next one. I think I got it! And yes, your suggestion is totally on point! This will be difficult for me, but it’ll be a great resolution. Thanks!!

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      • Now I feel like an underachiever. I had better step up my game. I can see why it is hard to find the next one at that pace. When I am at a loss for the next book or movie, I look to “best of” lists. People seem to like making lists almost as much as I like reading and using them. For example, the NY Times Best Seller list; or the best books of the year on a site like NPR. This is a good time of year to look at those since they are fresh off of being compiled. If you have a specific genre you are looking for, it makes it a little more challenging since many “best of” lists are not in categories, but some are. Charge on!

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  3. Wish you luck for your new year resolutions! Every year I decide some resolutions as well but end up breaking them or not paying any attention or even forgetting ’em. So, this year, at least, I’m not taking up any new resolutions . 🙂

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