Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I finally started writing!  Alert the media!!

I’ve been so wrapped up in coming up with my storyline, that I never once put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard…I guess).  So last Thursday, I finally said, “screw it,” and just started writing.  I was hoping that the idea may just come to me as the words started flowing and that is precisely what happened!  I’m sure I’ll change the storyline numerous times along the way, but actually getting something down on paper is so completely gratifying.  Now my mind is swirling with all kinds of ideas!

I actually loved doing it too!  Thursday night, I could’ve stayed up until the wee hours of morning as the ideas just kept coming to me, but unfortunately, the 8-5 job doesn’t allow for that (insert frowny bratty face).  Not to mention, those stupid Powerball numbers failed to listen to my instructions Saturday night.  They’re so disobedient.  Oh well, maybe one day I can make writing my full time job.  One can dream, right?

Anyway, I am very excited about my ideas and can’t wait until it all starts coming together.  I will, of course, keep you all up to date on my progress.

Also, now that I’m finally moving forward, I would love any suggestions on organization, structure, etc…  I read something about a program called Scrivener’s that is helpful.  Does anyone have any tips on this, or unique methods you use?  As always, thank you!

6 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

  1. Set a time of day where you just write. No going back and fixing stuff, no editing, just write and scribble notes on ideas as they come throughout the day. Fix all the mistakes, flesh out the plot, change things up when you re-write. For the first draft it’s all about moving forward.

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  2. Good luck with your writing. Sometimes we focus too much on trying to get things right that it prevents from just making a start. Once you start then you give yourself the opportunity to develop.

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  3. Congrats. I agree with Craig. Get to the end of the initial draft before you start second-guessing your choices. Rewriting will occur. But wait until you reach the end before you start with that process.
    If you want to make writing your full time job someday, you have to treat it as such. Set a fixed time that you will show up for work – no excuses – and stay for the fixed amount of time each workday. (Of course, you can be flexible and vary those times during the week, but get a routine and stay the course.) Set up a work area that is both comfortable for writing, but still is professional (no distractions like interruptions from spouse, family, friends, pets; no reasons to frequently take breaks; put away the cell phone, iPad, etc.). This may reduce the “fun” of writing but it will help get you to a finished product which is the first step in converting careers. Good luck.

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