My Woman Cave

I’ll start off by giving my bad news….my Grandma finally passed away on Wednesday afternoon.  It’s incredibly sad and I’ll miss her tremendously, but I know she was ready and she can now be at peace.

The good news is that, in attempting to keep my mind occupied, I have been very productive with my writing.  I am in the process of setting up my woman cave…a/k/a my writing space.  My birthday is Sunday and this writing space is my birthday wish.  We are turning our breakfast nook into my writing space.  It’ll have a desk, bookcase and whiteboard.  I started picking up some office supplies to keep handy and will order the desk and bookcase this weekend.  I also went to the library and picked up a ton of children’s books for research.  I’m trying to figure out what age group I want to target with my children’s book, so these books will help with that research.  I also picked up some books on writing children’s books so I could get some tips and pointers.  I started reading all of these books last night and have some great ideas.  I’m getting very excited about it all!

I talked to a good friend about really making my writing a priority.  I am going to commit myself to writing so many hours a week and if I don’t meet that quota, I will have some type of punishment.  I haven’t decided on that punishment yet, but I’m hoping that will get my butt in gear.

My question to all of you is… you have any tips on making a great writing space?  Also, any ideas for punishments on not meeting my goals?

8 thoughts on “My Woman Cave

  1. I agree with cultivatingtime. Rewards work much better. I downloaded a program on a recommendation from another writer called ‘Pomodoro’ – it’s actually a famous work technique I had never heard of. It’s just a simple timer that counts off in 25 minute intervals with 5 minute breaks. You can use your own timer if you don’t want to buy the App, but the idea is you can see, in little tomatoes, how much work you’ve put in for a day. Even if it’s only one tomato, that’s something. Work on getting at least one a day, and feel good about it! Be positive! That is the way to keep moving forward.

    Neil Gaiman, who is my favourite writer, once said that being a writer is like being a brick layer. You don’t build a house all in one go. It’s one brick at a time. Lay one brick a day and you’re moving in the right direction.

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  2. Strictly old school here. Punishments, or the threat of them, work best for me. It could be that, without anyone to keep me in check, I am always giving myself rewards of all kinds, simply because I can. So cutting back on these rewards would be the punishment. Or else, you could have a system that is a no lose scenario. Miss a deadline, do some sit-ups & pushups. So if you don’t get the writing done, your body will still benefit. (BTW, even I did not adopt that one…but you may be more rugged than I.)

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